Evidence impact, track, celebrate and report online learning experiences to improve outcomes. Critical software for schools, tutors and online schools worldwide to show what works and why.


Play the games through gaialytics

Use edtech apps through gaialytics

See the learning impact.

The critical dashboard which celebrates students learning experience and successes and enables data-driven personalised learning experiences.

Gaialytics enables parents to…

  • See their childs learner journey
  • Add & contribute to their learners achievement record
  • Better understand their childs skills development
  • See a map of opportunities for future learning and development

Gaialytics enable schools & Tutors to…

  • Track learner engagement, attendance and experiences
  • Offer improved personalised learning experiences to support learner retention and wellbeing

Gaialytics enables learners to…

  • See their achievements and ambitions in one place
  • Understand themselves and what they’re working towards better
  • See their skills development
  • Access classes and content to support their learning, 24/7
  • Feel confident and happy with their learning journey
  • Whole child view dashboard
  • Software integrating AI & machine learning to personalise content, classes and extracurricular activities
  • Learner focused - book online classes, access community, courses, add non-academic content & achievements.

  • Integration with API for schools - see attendance, engagement and learner satisfaction
  • Realtime success celebration and feedback on learning achievements
  • Access for parents, students & educators
  • An evergreen digital “CV”