Gaialytics for Schools & Tutors

Gaialytics is the home of online learning data for schools and tutors. The critical dashboard which celebrates students learning experience and successes and enables data-driven personalised learning experiences.

  • Subscription model per learner (from £5 per learner per month*)
  • SSO login
  • Suitable for any online learning - full classes, individual sessions, 1:1, group etc
  • Import & Export data - API and integrations
  • Showcase your impact and activities
  • Virtual classroom agnostic - use any online learning platform that can plus into gaialytics.
  • Accessible anywhere - designed for other online schools and every tutor
  • Data protection at the heart - balanced with safeguarding and visibility of most vulnerable kids.

Gaialytics Metrics

Key Metrics

1. Are they safe? - did the learner log in / how many minutes late. Trigger automation to success coordinator / contact key people.

2. ⁠Words spoken and language used - how does this change over time- more complex sentences, topics of interest, more varied vocabulary. Subject specific knowledge.

3. ⁠Written communication - how has it developed and improved over time? Subject specific knowledge.

4. ⁠Interaction with online tools - emojis, polls, apps, level of engagement, enjoyment and outcomes.

5. ⁠Time spent - on flipped classroom materials including our own courses, videos, EdTech apps we monitor

Holistic Metrics

6. Sleep - how much? When?

7. ⁠Exercise - how much? Enjoyment? Skills development? How did they feel?

8. ⁠Food, Water & Nutrition - what is happening? Measurement and how do they feel?

9. ⁠Medication - impact? Consistency?

10. Other interests - extra curricular achievements, interests, knowledge.

11. ⁠Mood - how are they feeling before and after lessons?

12. ⁠Skills - what else have they achieved? Grit? Resilience? Confidence etc