Imagine if all children felt safe, seen and supported in their education. No matter where or how they were learning. Understanding the child, their ambitions, experiences and engagement is key to helping children thrive.

Gaia Learning are building world-first software to understand the students learning experience in real-time. Gaialytics.

There are 1000s of young people around the world missing out on a quality, balanced education. The school system and mainstream classrooms can be restrictive, upsetting and often dangerous for a neurodivergent child - they struggle to feel safe, seen and supported and so often, won't go to school at all.

Schools want to understand student attendance, engagement and impact when it comes to online learning and hybrid education.

From Spanish 🇪🇸 to science 🧪 , pet care 🐶 to PE ⚽️ Gaialytics enables young people, families and educators to see, share and celebrate a childs progress and achievements from inside and outside of the virtual classroom.

  • Book classes
  • Access teaching, tech & courses
  • Understanding engagement, attendance & achievements
  • Single sign on access to all online education resources
  • Global skills tracking

Why Gaialytics?

  • Beyond grades: Tracks holistic development, crucial for neurodivergent learners.
  • Personalised: Customises learning paths, aligning with student ambitions.
  • Future-ready: Embeds essential 'green skills' and life competencies.


  • Data-rich: Merges insights from live and asynchronous platforms.
  • Well-being focus: Integrates health data, balancing screen time and activity.

Investment Impact

  • Evolves into an evergreen CV, promoting lifelong learning.
  • Adapts to individual school, local authority and district needs, curriculum-agnostic.

    Green Skills Curriculum
  • Infuses sustainability, global awareness, and innovative thinking.


  • Gamifies learning, fostering autonomy and peer collaboration.